Sunday, April 24, 2011

42. Vogue Magazine July 2008

Oh my goodness this is so strange. It's like making out with a Transformer.

Marc Jacobs ads make me want to turn and run in the other direction.

Pretty, pretty frills.

This Alexander McQueen dress is so dreamy.

The Mulleavy sisters have a craft that is so traditional but very cool.

I want a baby kangaroo, too!

41. Vogue Magazine December 2007

This is the most amazing dress. Normally I'm not a huge Gucci fan, but this dress is breathtaking. I love the coral motif.

This wallpaper was made by the uber-cool wallpaper maker, Flavor Paper, in Brooklyn, NY. I wanted to work there so badly when I lost my job in New York. It would have been the coolest place to work! Like making a parade float all the time!

So many colors and textures that I like all in one place! I'm getting so excited about decorating my new house!

This necklace is badass.

40. Vogue Magazine October 2006

This was me not so long ago. Sitting on the curb, waiting for a cab.

This dress from Vera Wang is beautiful. It's like art.

Girl crush. I <3 Gisele.

Eric Bana looks so tough. In 2006 Vogue said, "you may remember him from The Hulk".

I would dip into my savings account to buy this bag.

This Dolce & Gabbana bag is so totally cute. At this price, though, I would be way too scared to actually take it anywhere.

39. Vanity Fair September 2007

I have a huge crush on Gisele Bundchen.

Oh my gosh I love dogs.

This little greyhound has stolen my heart.

This ad reminds me of the Mad Men intro.

Rupert Murdoch. You're so ruthless.

Phil Spector ended up getting a nineteen year prison sentence for murder.

This article was so startling. Arthur Miller had a son with Down-syndrome who he kept hidden from the public. This article suggests that his writing started going downhill once he started keeping this secret.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

38. Adbusters January/February 2007


This was a memorable short.

Wooo! First issue of Adbusters up on GYDUN! I have too many magazines!!!

37. Nylon Magazine February 2010

These Joe's Jeans ads make me happy.

Sleigh Bells. RING RING! They'll be playing at the Granada in Dallas on April 22. Go say hiiii.

My favorite part of this interview was this little box: "Five other things Sarah Silverman said to the author's puppy:" 1. "You're a troublemaker, do you hear?" 2. "Do you want a vicodin?" 3. You're really good-looking, and you're really cute. But underneath it all, you're just a bitch." 4. "You're ruining my Mary-Kate and Ashley rug!" 5. "I can take your life." Woah. Creepy.

If I could, I would wear this to work every day.

36. Nylon Magazine March 2010

Indian headdresses are the shit.

Ever since seeing Sarah Jessica Parker's cream colored flower jacket in the Sex and the City movie, I have been consumed with the task of finding myself one. These "green" H&M garments are so awesome!

This is so fun!!!

I wish I could be seen in this light all day every day.

35. Nylon Magazine July 2009

Military jackets. Everybody needs one.

I took this magazine with me on my trip from Texas to San Francisco. I took lots of notes on the ads. This is day one.

This is day two.

34. Vogue Magazine October 2009

Bottega Veneta is the best all the time. Love it, love it, love it.

I loved this piece by Tad Friend. I went out and bought his memoir, Cheerful Money, right after reading it.

I love the "Nostalgia" pieces.

This is the most attractive red-head I've ever seen.