Thursday, January 28, 2010

What I'm Reading

Instead of paying attention in Entrepreneurship... I've been reading for fun... (Sorry Dr. Allen)

I LOVE CHUCK KLOSTERMAN. Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs is the second book I've read of his... and I enjoyed the first (Klosterman IV)... but it was a horse of a different color... Klosterman IV is a collection of interviews and articles he's written about different bands and the music industry. Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs is absolutely hilarious. I sit in the back row of Entrepreneurship it's a slacker thing to do, I know... but anyways... I sit in the very back row and hope, hope, hope Dr. Allen can't hear me laughing... but he's hard of hearing anyway (some war accident or something)... so I'm pretty sure I'm okay. Well anyways, if you don't really like reading, you would like this... because it's AMAZING.

Okay, so Deluxe is a really interesting book... it's basically about how everything "luxurious" is really not... the point of the book is this: there are zero standards left in the apparel industry. It was written in 2008, and sometimes I think that the author is a little one-sided... but it's still pretty good.

I'm so glad that I'm in this absolutely T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E class... I have more time to learn about things that interest me...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome Home

Lately, walking into my bedroom is like a religious experience...
I have begun collecting candles in red jars/glasses whatever... and they cast the prettiest glow all over my room.

My favorite is the Capri Blue jar candle from Anthropologie... in red, of course. You can pick it up in stores or online. It retails for $28, and although that may seem like a lot for a candle... you will not be disappointed. I promise you.

If these candles ever get discontinued, I may die.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Puzzling Question

So, I have been wondering about a weird phenomenon in my life... that is, I have found myself somewhat smitten with someone I don't even find attractive.

It all started this summer when my mom wanted me to accompany her to a little glassblowing workshop downtown. We went in for a demonstration, and standing there in front of us was this totally cool guy... he was covered in dirt and sweat, wore protective sunglasses, and had a bandanna around his neck. Instantly I thought he was kind of cute, even though I couldn't even see his face. Later, when he was done making his vase or art or whatever, and when the glasses and the gloves came off, I realized that he was not that good looking by my standard, the general public's standard or even the Roman rule of golden proportion. He was slightly chubby, had a little under bite, and had a short beard that covered his very full face. In real life, I would not have had a second thought about him, but I think that my interest in him may have come from the fact that he has this really rare and unique talent. I don't know, I can't really explain it.

Well doing some research, I have heard countless stories from friends about this. My best friend has this thing for a guy with a blond ponytail she sees around campus. She doesn't know him, doesn't see him too often, and sometimes finds herself searching for him, and instead she sees a sea of girls with ponytails. This could be bad. Oh well. Maybe I'll never quite figure it out, maybe none of us will. Even celebrities go through this! I have come up with a little list of clearly odd couples... check it out.

padma lakshmi & salman rushdie
She, a beautiful model/tv show host/author who has also appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan, married a man twenty-three years her senior. He, a British Indian novelist and essayist, knighted by the Queen herself had previously been married (three times over).

karen elson & jack white

celine dion & rene angelilA twenty-seven year age difference hasn't phased the couple at all over the past sixteen years of their marriage. The two are fiercely devoted to each other and their son.

evan rachel wood & marilyn manson
The pair began dating in 2007, and as of early this January, are officially engaged! These two are nineteen years apart, and their relationship has been reported as the reason for the split between he and wife, Dita Von Teese. Evan Rachel Wood says she was initially attracted to his black eye makeup... I'm pretty positive I could never date anyone who wears more makeup than I do...

kate hudson & chris robinsonWhat I want to say about this couple could be slightly offensive and inappropriate. So I will stay quiet.

julia roberts & lyle lovettThere are no words. Was Julia going through a country music phase or did she just get abducted by Aggies (of Texas A&M)...

After scrutinizing each of these women for their taste in men, and after reflecting on my own predicament I have come to this conclusion: looks do not always matter. It should have been so simple! I have heard this little tidbit my whole life! And while yes, good looks are a plus, they are not everything. Each of these men are unique, funny, talented, and creative. They are educated and successful and most importantly, can give each of these women what they need. They are sexy in their own way. I know I needed to have this little wake up call. I have completely changed my mind about some things today. Thank God for that.

Put a Pyrrha 'round my neck

All across the United States, and I suspect, the world, Pyrrha's silver pendant necklaces are gracing the neck of many beautiful women. Taylor Swift has one. Reese Witherspoon has one. Oh and Brad Pitt has one too. I found them in a shop in Petaluma, California... and hopefully I soon will be the owner of one! (It's my birthday next week... and even though I tried to express my infatuation with the line to my friends and family, they failed to catch on to the hint... So I tried to be more direct this time. This is the only good thing about having a birthday right after Christmas... if you don't get what you want the first time, you get a second chance!)

Now the designers, who have their studio in Vancouver (that's in Canada), were inspired by a box of old stamps they found... and then they found a way to make their jewelry with them. So before the stamps... they weren't actually jewelry designers, so maybe they should give the stamps some credit? Anyways... here are some of my favorites...

Love Conquers All

Horse Cameo Ring

Lion Necklace
"Spero" means hope in Latin

Bleeding Heart Bracelet
it's supposed to symbolize the "sting of love"... I just like that it's kind of like wearing your heart on your sleeve. Oh and I love the chain.

Scissor Necklace
It says "we part to meet again".
This is my personal favorite (and birthday wish). I love love love this necklace. I remember seeing it for the first time in a little shop and I was prepared to get it that day... and then I looked at the price tag. Woah... I was not prepared to drop over a hundred dollars on this little necklace. I know how it is made... and let me just say- the designers at Pyrrah are making tons of money off of that little box of stamps they found... but I won't go into the specifics. I don't want to give away anyone's secrets... So I was temporarily unable to buy my necklace... but that didn't deter me or cause me to forget it. I loved it so much that I actually wanted to get a tattoo of a pair of scissors... I know right- me with a tattoo? One afternoon at Folsom Lake, my friends and I were enjoying ourselves when my friend, Kellyn, accidentally lost and swallowed a tooth. To comfort her during the stressful situation, we suggested going to get a tattoo (she's always wanted a tattoo of a tooth on her index finger... and this seemed like a sign to "go ahead", you know?) We all talked about it, and I even tried drawing a tiny pair of scissors on my wrist... but I can't really draw... and after a few hours passed, the idea of getting a tattoo became outrageous again.

Thank goodness my birthday is days away and I can have the real thing!

Check out the Pyrrha website!