Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I hate running while listening to Phoenix

It is official. I'm taking Phoenix off of my running playlist.

I'm training for a half marathon right now, and today while running a particularly hard five and a half mile trail, "Long Distance Phone Call" came on my iPod and I wanted to die.


Not because I dislike Phoenix, or their music... I actually love them, and for a while I was trying to convert everyone to liking them too... (lately, however, I haven't felt as peppy as they do... so I have stopped listening as much...)

The main reason I wanted to yank the headphones out of my ears and throw my iPod in the dirt was because Phoenix is the absolute antithesis of my goal. Think about it. They're from France... therefore, their main diet probably consists of fish, grapes, cheese, and Nutella yet they probably don't eat anything because they're constantly smoking. They have zero desire to be healthy and train for a half marathon and they don't really need to exercise because they can fit into girls jeans that are probably smaller than mine. (I've been to France- this assumption is valid... and is probably 87% correct.)

So there you go. No more Phoenix for me for a little while.

I wonder what they would look like in Nike shorts... ???

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

I found this picture of my mom last night. Ah she's so gorgeous. I tried to recreate the picture today with my dog... it didn't work too well.

Cooper Cooper Cooper.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My favorite man in the world.

Tom Warren Holland. He was my mother's brother, and one of the most inspiring men I've ever met in my (almost) twenty-two years. This Christmas will be the tenth Christmas we have had to spend without him. I wish it weren't the case, but really, what can you do? Life is fleeting. Nothing is sure.

December (Christmas especially) is always a difficult holiday for me. The last day of the fall semester (marking the beginning of Christmas vacation) in the sixth grade, I came home from school greeted by both of my parents, and then was set down on the couch to hear the news. Uncle Tom had died. They didn't know how or why, they just knew he was gone and that he was in a better place. I was paralized with shock and confusion and I remember putting White Christmas in the VHS player and listening to Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney sing until I could no longer stand to pretend like my little life was unaffected by the news I had heard that afternoon. Then later my legs buckled and I slid down my bedroom door in tears, praying that somehow my parents were wrong, and even hoping that he had just changed his identity for Top Secret government work and he would appear years later at a graduation or my wedding. Oh the imagination I had (and still do) all because of this man.

Tom was everything an uncle should be. He was adventurous, silly, nurturing, and of course very cool. While I knew him, he always had hair down to the middle of his back, was in a rock band, briefly lived in Oakland, CA, went on fishing trips all around the world (his last, to China), and taught me all about the stars. He had an uncanny ability to relate to everyone and everything, and even from halfway around the world, kept his family a top priority. He taught me to light BlackCats and throw them (before they exploded), he would play the Barbie board game for at least an hour at a time, and he bought me a little blue fishing pole that was an amazing piece of fishing equipment. He attempted to teach me how to water ski (I have since learned), introduced me to my first iguana, taught me how to peel shrimp, and took me to NASA and bought me the kind of ice cream they eat in space.

When his father was dying, he surprised us all at a family reunion in Wichita, KS after hopping on a plane from Oakland. Soon after he moved back to Houston so he could spend more time with our family. And he christened one Christmas to be a "white trash Christmas" after not having time to wrap our presents, and he just threw them all into plastic shopping bags.

He was a major part of my young life, and thinking about it now, I am so sorry that he isn't around to see how he has impacted my life. He is one of the reasons I am an "old soul". He has inspired me to do any and everything I have ever dreamed possible, and he has taught me that the quality of your life and the relationships you have is the most important thing in the world. He knew it when he died in his mid-thirties, and he lived his life to the utmost.

If he were here today, he may have gasp! short hair, a wife, a family. We would probably talk about music and play practical jokes on my mom like we used to. He would probably teach me about things I will never know about, but most of all he would be here. He would've been there to see me live my life. He would know that yes, I tried and loved wakeboarding, I have been ridiculously rowdy and drunk, I still listen to some of his band's covers (Counting Blue Cars, anyone?), I took an astronomy class, and he would know how I pushed my fears and insecurities aside and moved to San Francisco this summer.

I hope he would be proud of the person I have become, and I know he would help me further that growth. I'm a little stuck, and I really wish that I had his guidance this holiday season. As for now, I will just have to follow his example and continue living my life as an adventure, and never giving in to the little doubt I carry in my head. It's difficult, and I'm unable to do this 100% of the time, but maybe someday I'll get things figured out.

Merry Christmas Uncle Tom. I love you so much, but you knew that, didn't you?

This photo is so iconic for me. He was around eighteen, I believe.

At the lake. Drinking a Coors. This was obviously 1989.

Uncle Tom with my little sister.

Christmas 1993. The more I think about it, he and I have the same hair texture... thank God for the straightener. Oh and he and my mom look nothing alike.

With Connor at the lake.

Wearing tye-dye and playing with his iguana, Felix.

Tell me all your thoughts on God,
'cause I'd really like to meet her.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

DayQuil Cocktail

So, I've been feeling completely under-the-weather this week. I mean, things may have been worse than that, but I'm a trooper. Last Saturday I went out and bought myself a humidifier. Yes, a humidifier. Just the fact that I own a humidifier makes me feel like an old man. A regular old codger... well anyways... I've been trying to combat the symptoms with a DayQuil cocktail every morning before class, and then NyQuil before I go to bed. And don't ask me why, but I always take the liquid medicine... like, I really think that if I take the liquid version, it'll start working quicker than the pills. Well, no matter how much medicine I take, I still have this nasty cough that makes my head hurt whenever I cough. It's so sad :-(

The last time I was this sick, I was visiting my ex-boyfriend for the weekend and we had to stay in bed all weekend because I didn't have the strength to stand. At one point I had this coughing fit where I couldn't even breathe. He just held me up and helped calm me down so I could breathe. This is the one memory I have of him where I actually think he can/could be a good person... we should never have been in an actual relationship. I mean, we had no business together. I treated it like a joke. When people would say "oh you have a boyfriend!" I would want to reply, "well yeah, but not really". I was terrible. But that's really another story.

Well, I need to get better because I leave Thursday to go skiing! AHHHH I cannot wait. Hopefully I'll be able to breathe in that crazy dry air! (And yes, I think I'll be bringing my humidifier.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What not to wear: Seminary style

So today, my friend Grayson and I snuck into the seminary to study (because they have a fireplace and of course, Jesus... and the library is packed with people since it's finals time.)

Well, we walked in and there were only six people in the "great hall", so we sit down and began to study. After a while, more and more people started showing up... and everyone knows each other... it's a little strange... but anyways, me & Grayson were like, maybe we should go buy a Truett sweatshirt or something to make people believe we actually go to school here... and that spurred my imagination to think of things I shouldn't wear to the seminary... haha enjoy.

Thank you Lindsay.

Rene Russo's see through dress in The Thomas Crown affair...
is almost as bad as...

Brittany Spears not wearing underwear

J. Lo's infamous dress at the Grammys

Pretty much anything Courtney Love has ever worn...

Oh and this graphic t would never fly... come on, it's a Baptist seminary... not a school for the blind.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Summer Ellis Bijouterie

Well, I got a job. I wasn't really looking for one... but it kind of fell in my lap, and I am now the new office manager for Summer Ellis Bijouterie, a jewelry designer. I'm excited about it. It'll be nice to get back to working with jewelry, although Summer's stuff is waaaaay different than Robindira's. Well, one of my responsibilities is to photograph new pieces... and I think that although I have zero experience with cameras other than for the simple task of documenting the shenanigans my friends and I get into... I think I did a pretty okay job with these.

The day I took all these pictures it was 40 degrees outside and my hands almost froze to my camera... oh well. Check out Summer's jewelry here.

Summer's jewelry is really organic. I feel like every piece is kind of vintage and has been passed down for years. Her jewelry is the kind of jewelry that girls find really special because it is simple and unique... they're pieces that girls secretly hope their boyfriends will buy them and surprise them with... but let's be honest, boys don't always really get that. SO basically... buy your girlfriend a little Summer Ellis necklace and surprise her with it. She'll be happy that you did.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In Black & White: Irving Penn

I have this picture of Alfred Hitchcock hanging in my bedroom... and every morning I see it as I'm looking for something to wear. The photo was taken by the late Irving Penn, who is undoubtedly one of the greatest photographers of the twenty-first century. Here are some of his other works I really like... who knows, maybe you'll like one too and it will become a source of everyday inspiration for you! (my personal favorite is the scuba guy)... The Graduate, anyone?

Tonight, I've been having a particularly hard time buckling down and doing the work that I need to get done for tomorrow. What have I been doing instead? Oh just happy hour, a party, and a "study break nap", which is absolutely ridiculous because I have not been studying. I'm just laying in my bed listening to John Williams... and reading my dear friend Kellyn's blog Maybe Baby. I just do not want to write my paper! Say a little prayer for me. K... time to write.

Miss Manners

Last week my brother broke up with his girlfriend... with a text message. First of all, I was really excited that he broke up with her... not only did she cheat on him, but she was manipulative and generally bitchy. But when I found out that he had texted her that he no longer wanted to be in a relationship with her I was extremely disappointed in him. Hearing that story brought back memories of an instance when I was dumped via a message on my phone. Even though I thought his girlfriend was a really awful girl, I can't help but empathize with her.

One morning I woke up and had a message from my boyfriend, Logan, that he didn't want me to come to his track meet that day because he was getting back together with his ex-girlfriend... I was irate. What? He's getting back together with her? I was so angry that he didn't have the courage to end things in person, and then there was a certain feeling of betrayal I felt towards my phone after it didn't warn me of the message of doom sitting in my inbox. I was completely caught unawares, much like my brother's girlfriend must have been. After trying to word my frustrations to Logan, I made a pretty bad joke like "don't you watch youtube? you can't text message break up!" Oh how my jokes tend to make things less awkward... not.

But that's really not the point. Well, I was talking about my brother's situation with some people and we got into a discussion about technology and communication... and to make a long story short... I have been invited to give a presentation on etiquette and technology/communication to YMSL (Young Men's Service League) in Southlake. Oh boy. What have I gotten myself into? I have no idea what to talk about to forty high school boys...

Maybe I'll show them this?