Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Summer Ellis Bijouterie

Well, I got a job. I wasn't really looking for one... but it kind of fell in my lap, and I am now the new office manager for Summer Ellis Bijouterie, a jewelry designer. I'm excited about it. It'll be nice to get back to working with jewelry, although Summer's stuff is waaaaay different than Robindira's. Well, one of my responsibilities is to photograph new pieces... and I think that although I have zero experience with cameras other than for the simple task of documenting the shenanigans my friends and I get into... I think I did a pretty okay job with these.

The day I took all these pictures it was 40 degrees outside and my hands almost froze to my camera... oh well. Check out Summer's jewelry here.

Summer's jewelry is really organic. I feel like every piece is kind of vintage and has been passed down for years. Her jewelry is the kind of jewelry that girls find really special because it is simple and unique... they're pieces that girls secretly hope their boyfriends will buy them and surprise them with... but let's be honest, boys don't always really get that. SO basically... buy your girlfriend a little Summer Ellis necklace and surprise her with it. She'll be happy that you did.

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