Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In Black & White: Irving Penn

I have this picture of Alfred Hitchcock hanging in my bedroom... and every morning I see it as I'm looking for something to wear. The photo was taken by the late Irving Penn, who is undoubtedly one of the greatest photographers of the twenty-first century. Here are some of his other works I really like... who knows, maybe you'll like one too and it will become a source of everyday inspiration for you! (my personal favorite is the scuba guy)... The Graduate, anyone?

Tonight, I've been having a particularly hard time buckling down and doing the work that I need to get done for tomorrow. What have I been doing instead? Oh just happy hour, a party, and a "study break nap", which is absolutely ridiculous because I have not been studying. I'm just laying in my bed listening to John Williams... and reading my dear friend Kellyn's blog Maybe Baby. I just do not want to write my paper! Say a little prayer for me. K... time to write.

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