Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I hate running while listening to Phoenix

It is official. I'm taking Phoenix off of my running playlist.

I'm training for a half marathon right now, and today while running a particularly hard five and a half mile trail, "Long Distance Phone Call" came on my iPod and I wanted to die.


Not because I dislike Phoenix, or their music... I actually love them, and for a while I was trying to convert everyone to liking them too... (lately, however, I haven't felt as peppy as they do... so I have stopped listening as much...)

The main reason I wanted to yank the headphones out of my ears and throw my iPod in the dirt was because Phoenix is the absolute antithesis of my goal. Think about it. They're from France... therefore, their main diet probably consists of fish, grapes, cheese, and Nutella yet they probably don't eat anything because they're constantly smoking. They have zero desire to be healthy and train for a half marathon and they don't really need to exercise because they can fit into girls jeans that are probably smaller than mine. (I've been to France- this assumption is valid... and is probably 87% correct.)

So there you go. No more Phoenix for me for a little while.

I wonder what they would look like in Nike shorts... ???

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  1. Dude, you are my hero! I wish I were dedicated enough to do that!!! Know that I'll be chearing you on!

    PS Happy New Year!