Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What not to wear: Seminary style

So today, my friend Grayson and I snuck into the seminary to study (because they have a fireplace and of course, Jesus... and the library is packed with people since it's finals time.)

Well, we walked in and there were only six people in the "great hall", so we sit down and began to study. After a while, more and more people started showing up... and everyone knows each other... it's a little strange... but anyways, me & Grayson were like, maybe we should go buy a Truett sweatshirt or something to make people believe we actually go to school here... and that spurred my imagination to think of things I shouldn't wear to the seminary... haha enjoy.

Thank you Lindsay.

Rene Russo's see through dress in The Thomas Crown affair...
is almost as bad as...

Brittany Spears not wearing underwear

J. Lo's infamous dress at the Grammys

Pretty much anything Courtney Love has ever worn...

Oh and this graphic t would never fly... come on, it's a Baptist seminary... not a school for the blind.


  1. I love this. how funny would it be to have a blog that is just what not to wear to various things, such as seminaries, court, first day of work as a bible salesman, etc, funny stuff. maybe we should do this?

  2. stacy london sucks?


    i don't know. i'll be brainstorming. do you have any ideas?

  3. im brainstorming aswell
    ill fbook chat ya next time i see you on there

  4. Zakky said:....
    so hot..........