Sunday, December 13, 2009

DayQuil Cocktail

So, I've been feeling completely under-the-weather this week. I mean, things may have been worse than that, but I'm a trooper. Last Saturday I went out and bought myself a humidifier. Yes, a humidifier. Just the fact that I own a humidifier makes me feel like an old man. A regular old codger... well anyways... I've been trying to combat the symptoms with a DayQuil cocktail every morning before class, and then NyQuil before I go to bed. And don't ask me why, but I always take the liquid medicine... like, I really think that if I take the liquid version, it'll start working quicker than the pills. Well, no matter how much medicine I take, I still have this nasty cough that makes my head hurt whenever I cough. It's so sad :-(

The last time I was this sick, I was visiting my ex-boyfriend for the weekend and we had to stay in bed all weekend because I didn't have the strength to stand. At one point I had this coughing fit where I couldn't even breathe. He just held me up and helped calm me down so I could breathe. This is the one memory I have of him where I actually think he can/could be a good person... we should never have been in an actual relationship. I mean, we had no business together. I treated it like a joke. When people would say "oh you have a boyfriend!" I would want to reply, "well yeah, but not really". I was terrible. But that's really another story.

Well, I need to get better because I leave Thursday to go skiing! AHHHH I cannot wait. Hopefully I'll be able to breathe in that crazy dry air! (And yes, I think I'll be bringing my humidifier.)

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