Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spring 2010 Trends Presented by: David Wolfe

Wednesday I had the privilege to hear Mr. David Wolfe, the fashion forecaster with Donegar Group, speak in Dallas. I had seen him speak three years ago, but I had totally forgotten how funny he is (oh and he's extremely talented, too). He gave a presentation on the major trends for Spring 2010... and he reminded us to remember to think about the "BIG PICTURE". Here it goes, sorry if my notes are a little crazy... I was using the book, Jane Eyre, as my notebook:
First: the new trends are going to be seen in silhouette, color, and fabric rather than in prints or decades (like we've seen this summer and fall).

Shoulders are going to be emphasized!

White is the new Black!

Fabric Manipulation is going to be everywhere creating surface interest.
Knots and Twists!

Neutrals are going to be huge, too... think cosmetic shades.

Things that feel like luxury... ex. leather, suede, fur

Oh yeah, if you don't have any fur accessories... you need to get some.

Sex appeal is going soft. Think femininity, softness, and frills.

Rainbow colors are going to jump start retailing again!
Barbie turned 50 this year... HOT PINK will be big
Pastels are going to be around too!
We'll be pairing color with color... think YSL...

Denim will be used in a new way...


  1. great runway looks, very inspirational! thanks for posting :)


  2. Wish I could wear white!!! I am too pale to pull it off.
    LOVE ruffles, my wardrobe is filled with them

  3. who is the designer for picture 4, 15 and 16??