Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We All Peepoo

Yesterday I caught an article in the NY Times about yet another innovation from Sweden; the Peepoo bag. This bag is no ordinary plastic bag. While some places around the world are trying to abolish the plastic bag, there is still a huge use for it in Africa. Africa has had it pretty tough. There are so many misconceptions about the world's second largest continent. I once heard a very ignorant ninth grader comment, "we should just send everyone with AIDS to Africa"... (Adam Bracken, anyone?)

Well anyways, sanitation and plumbing are both very primitive systems in most African countries. When it is time to relieve one's self in Africa, most people "pee or poo" in a plastic bag, knot it, and go outside and throw it. Throw it where? I don't know. In the ditch, across the road, in a patch of grass, maybe it gets thrown near someone's water supply. This waste gets into the water supply and makes people seriously ill. Diarrhoeal diseases are one of the top causes of death in the elderly and infants in Africa. It's terrible, because these deaths could be better prevented... and there is a little bit of hope- all because of a concerned Swede.

Well, the Peepoo bag has been created to help nourish the African land, and to help give people a better quality of life. The bag is able to break down the contents of the bag to a fertilizer that is safe to be exposed to. It is being priced competitively... at $.02 or $.03 per bag... a small price to pay for such a great product!

Well, sometime after I read this article, I went to yoga, and during the last ten minutes of class (where we focus on "conscious relaxation") I fell asleep... and while taking my little cat nap, I had a little dream. I guess it was more like a "flash" or a "blip", however. Well, a picture of my best friend, Jenn Nguyen, popped into my head, and she was squinting her eyes and holding a Peepoo bag! I laughed outloud... and then realized I was still in yoga.
At least I didn't snore!

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  1. ugh, conventional plastic bags are so insanely porous that it's not even funny. we used to wrap our meat at the co-op in plastic bags & every time i could only shake my head at the utter uselessness of it. these peepoo bags sound like an awesome idea.