Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall so Far

I hate that I've been too busy to write these past few months. Really, it pains me to go so long without even looking at my poor blog... but I've been doing some other amazing things with my time. My school has an annual Homecoming parade, and most school organizations enter floats into the parade, and they are also entered into a competition. Well, I've been in charge of leading a group of 300 people to build a float for the parade. We had a $10,000 budget, and we had eight weeks to build our float... here are some pictures from the final product! I hope you enjoy!

Our theme was BOO OSU! I spent over 300 hours working on this float over the past semester, and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Our hard work definitely paid off when we were named "Judge's Choice" winners, and we will be receiving $3,000 in prize money, so that's exciting too!


The raccoons were my favorite part of the float!

Scary wolf!

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