Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Thumbs Up?

In the last year, Burton Snowboards has launched a new line of snowboards: Primo. The art on these boards shows how to amputate your fingers to make common signs with your hands. While it doesn't really appeal to me, I can understand why some people may like it... and those people like to snowboard (go figure).

Well, people have been getting their panties in a twist about these boards. A protest was held outside of the Burlington headquarters last October. Burton stands behind the boards, saying, it's not meant to be literal; it's art. My question is, is this really art? What is it expressing? What is the motivation behind it? Is it fantasy? Maybe. Maybe these boards are meant to make a person feel like a complete badass, like they can do anything: like they can snowboard to heaven or hell and back. Who knows.

Let me know what you think.

*The bulldog one is my favorite*


  1. Not my particular brand of Vodka but pretty sure in the name of art, it's good to go. "Protests" - really?


  2. i have the bulldog board and ya its pretty much just cause its badass lol and i like to rock so it seemed necessary