Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some words.

Today has been one of those days that I think everyone experiences every once and a while. I have been in the weirdest mood, haven’t really felt like doing anything social, and I’ve been going through all of my belongings throwing things out. I’m kind of in this weird limbo. I’m about 70% sure that after I graduate, I will be moving to Los Angeles, and so I’ve been throwing things away that I know I just won’t have room for or don’t need in LA… which is kind of risky, because what if I’m not moving? Oh well… we shall see in the next two weeks.

Well, in this master cleanse of my room and closet, words have been sticking out to me.

First of all, the words “HIS HANDS” have kind of been drawn on several visible places in my room. It’s kind of a constant reminder that really, I am not in control of the situation- He is. Just seeing those words kind of brings me away from that stress of the unknown.

Secondly, I came across my very old and faded copy of The Consolation of Philosophy- It’s one of the best books I have ever read. And yes, you probably have never heard of it. But it’s amazing. Written by the imprisoned Boethius in the AD 520s, it is almost an autobiographical depiction of his feelings in prison. His writing is absolutely incredible. One of my favorite lines is “In all adversity of fortune, the most wretched kind is once to have been happy”. It reminds me of that LCD Soundsystem song “Someone Great” and the lyrics “The worst is all the lovely weather… the coffee isn’t even bitter”….

And then I came across three or four gift cards that I didn’t know I had…

But then I found a note from my best friend Brennwyn that she wrote to me to go along with my Christmas present this year. I’ll give you a little excerpt. “This is a silly gift, but I just wanted to give you a little something from the vision you gave me of your ‘corner of the world’ that you want one day”. She gave me some huge Gerber daisies and bottles of San Pellegrino. Well it’s funny that she wrote me this note, because in my note to her, I referenced the same dream of hers. It’s just fascinating to me that we would both care enough to write a note… I am not one to think of cards on a regular basis… but then to have both of us reference our shared dream was just really special. I needed to be reminded of that tonight.

I just found a pen I got in London. It's one of those pens with some liquid in it... and things move. You know the ones. Well, the scene in the pen is the Beatles walking across Abbey Road. That makes me pretty happy that I found that too.

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