Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something funny... and slightly embarrassing.

Just a little story for you tonight...

Little known fact about me... I like to delete my Facebook friends... If I haven't spoken with someone in over a year, and if I would kind of pretend not to know them in real life... I delete them. And when I'm stressed out, I like to go through my friends and find people who I really am not friends with and just defriend.

Well, while I was doing this recently, I came across this boy's Facebook page and his profile picture made me laugh...

Yeah, it's funny, right? A boy dressed up like a hot dog? What makes it even funnier is that I've totally kissed the boy dressed up like a hot dog. He wasn't dressed like that at the time, but seeing this picture totally reminds me of that girl in Mean Girls... you know, Amber D'Alessio? The one who made out with a hot dog? hahahaha well anyways... I got a little kick out of it.

Don't judge me.

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