Friday, March 18, 2011

31. Vogue Magazine April 2006

I was tickled to see this Nostalgia article by Joyce Carol Oates. I met her earlier this month and she was NOT bright and sunny and approachable. She was kind of crotchety and irritable. Boo to you, JCO.
Lets go to Egypt.

Alexandre Plokhov, I love you. The former designer of Cloak is one adorable man who posses fierce tailoring skills. I first learned of him when I watched the film, Seamless. I had a professor who had a huge crush on him... while Cloak didn't quite work out, I'm excited that he has a new line after spending some time working for Donatella Versace. Yay Alexandre!

Ah Vogue's "Shape" issue. I pretty much think it's the dumbest issue of the year, BUT, I love this dress by Alberta Ferretti. I am a Ferretti junkie.

I love that Michael Kors bikini.


  1. You always post such wildly creative and interesting!

  2. haha. thanks grayson! I'm just trying to clean up my closet!!!