Wednesday, November 27, 2013

46. Vanity Fair: September 2010

Ah!  Another Style Issue.  2010- the year I graduated from college, the year I moved to New York City, and the year Conan 'left' the Tonight Show.

I wanted to show you the un-cropped photo of the cover of the magazine.  You can tell I lovingly carried it around for quite a while!

I really enjoyed this Chanel campaign.  So simple.  Such juxtaposition.

 These Tom Ford ads make me swoon.

 Julianne Moore with baby lions?  Can we trade places please?

Chanel party in Malibu.  

Alex Prager photography.  MoMA had an exhibition of her work in 2010.  Very Cindy Sherman/Alfred Hitchcock-esque.

That's all the glossies for today, friends.  Have a happy turkey/ham/chicken/tofu day!


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