Friday, November 29, 2013

47. Vanity Fair: September 2011

I have no idea how this has happened... that three Vanity Fair Style Issues just happened to fall in a row.  I promise - it wasn't intentional on my part!  

Here's Jennifer Lopez on the cover of VF.  She has definitely come a long way since The Block, Bennifer, and Marc Anthony (twins and drama!).  Although she's had a career that has spanned several decades and currently has a net worth of 300 million +, she doesn't even place in the top 10 of Jennifers searched on Google.  Oh well... she's definitely doing something right.  She's one heck of a businesswoman.

Love these old Tropicana posters.  "Tropicana was the place to be seen, a bit like Rick's Cafe in Casablanca".

The brilliant mind behind Tommy Hilfiger's ads is Laird + Partners.  Their lifestyle and fashion campaigns are absolutely fantastic.  I am kind of obsessed with how much they've been able to elevate the Tommy Hilfiger brand and differentiate it from its competitors.  Cough, cough, Ralph Lauren, cough, Calvin Klein, cough.

Here are several other TH spreads.

Some other pretty iconic campaigns brought to us by Laird + Partners.

 More ads from the Cosmopolitan. Can you tell that it's quickly becoming a favorite of mine?  
"Just the right amount of wrong".

 One of my professors considered Ralph Rucci to be the best American designer. However... 99% of most magazine readers, shoppers, and self-proclaimed "It Girls" have not heard of him.  I love this Out to Lunch that really makes him shine.  Below are some of his designs for Spring 2014. 


 42nd Street, NYC, 1964.

These next few photos came from an "Icons of Style" spread.

Gwenyth Paltrow, 2000

This is stunning.  Angelina.

Kate the Great.

Tropicana... oh so fun.   And colorful.  

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