Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some Art for Your Sore Eyes: Coming from the Street.

Now I've already talked to you about the very entertaining film, "Exit through the gift shop"... but today I just wanted to bring you some of my favorite street artists because it seems as though my life has been colliding with art in every which way.
Last night at Jodi Arnold's Fashion Night Out party in Brooklyn, Nicholas Kuszyk stopped by to say "hey"... and as soon as I figured out who he was I could immediately feel my entire body blushing. Like, I have a little art crush. He's a cute dude, that Nicholas. He's got scruffy facial hair and there's something charming about a man that wears clothes that are lightly spattered with paint. Well anyways, I was going to approach him and chat him up but something happened before I could do that. Somehow I turned to look at him at the same time he looked at me and we held eye contact for way too long. I didn't know how to come back from that! I was so embarrassed, but I really just wanted to talk to him about his art. Hopefully he'll drop by sometime this week to deliver some more little robot paintings. I can hope, right?

Well anyways... here's R. Nicholas Kuszyk to start off my list. Visit his work! He's so cool, he only paints robots... he's obsessed with them. They've evolved from being black & white only to being any and every color. Right now we're featuring Nick Nick in our stores, and there's a silent/secret auction going on for two of his peices. The minimum bid is $800, so save up your allowance, boys and girls!

Mark Bradford- I love love love MB! His pieces are done on a huge scale and often seem to be filled with white noise, yet just enough of the common advertisements are left to bring a brand to mind subliminally.

Jacques Villegle- Jacques changed my life in the eleventh grade. It's been so much better since then. I just became the twelfth person to "like" his Facebook page. So if you like him, show him some love.
That's all for now! I hope you get an art crush on one of these awesome artists... just stay away from Nick, okay?

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