Saturday, September 12, 2009

I love college

So this morning I woke up and had a total Asher Roth moment. You know? Like... that party last night was awfully crazy, I wish we'd taped it... and then I was like, oh my gosh Asher Roth is totally adorable and has great style... so I'm going to put him on my blog! woah.

Oh yeah, that's Kid Cudi on the left... and he's got the most awesome sneakers I've seen this week...

His name really is Asher. Maybe it's a family name?

Oh so he really did go to college... at least for a year and a half. He attended West Chester University... (yeah, I haven't heard of it, either) and he was studying Elementary Education. Cute, huh? I bet he did that so he could meet girls...

I love how he's always wearing a jacket or sweater from American Apparel and then he'll wear a really cool t-shirt or something under it, and of course really relaxed jeans. He's been quoted saying that he doesn't have to dress like a typical rapper (since he would look out of place). "I can still love hip-hop" (and not dress that way) he says.

Ah the red cup. I love college.


  1. Im with you on this one...i adore asher roth, he is adorable in a cool way..if that is at all possible? haha

    p.s. agree with you on your last post re. san francisco. Quite possibly the best city in the world, i wanna go back :((