Wednesday, September 2, 2009

She Wolf

Okay, so I've had a huge thing for Shakira since I saw her La Tortura video in high school. I marveled how she could move her body in ways I've never seen before and also how she could still look amazing covered in motor oil. Anyways, last night some friends and I played She Wolf over and over and over again while we cleaned out our garage, and I am pleased to say my friend Arturo does a wonderful Shakira impression. Check out these outtakes of the beautiful Shakira from Vanity Fair...

"there's a she wolf in your closet, open up and set her free"- Shakira


  1. i know! i totally love her... and i think her hair is beautiful! i wish i was blonde sometimes... sigh

  2. never been a massive fan of her but slowly chaning my tune. Damm the girl looks amazing in these pics!