Sunday, September 27, 2009


Oh gosh I've been SO BUSY LATELY... :-(

So today is Sunday... here's what I've done
*Watched Pride and Prejudice
*Spent a lot of time laying on the floor because I was super dizzy
*Went to Wing Stop
*Went to the neighbors for Hungover Breakfast Club
*Watched four hours of E... like "Top 15 most violent crimes" etc...
*Went to a meeting
*Went to Subway
*Spent a few hours studying...

Now I'm watching Center Stage and I'm craving Mac & Cheese from this restaurant in San Francisco (Solstice)... OH MY GOSH THEY HAVE AMAZING MAC & CHEESE


  1. This totally made me laugh out loud! And I crave mac & cheese all the time... :)

    I hope you are feeling better - not quite so dizzy.

  2. Hahahaha yes I'm feeling much better! Thank you!