Sunday, July 4, 2010

Best Movie of June: Exit Through the Gift Shop

I have been privileged to see Exit Through the Gift Shop twice this month. If you like really unique, amazing movies... it is definitely one you need to see. I first saw it with LM (who was maybe somewhat reluctant to see it... but then ended up loving it) and then I saw it with my brother on a little bro-sis date we went on where we watched some world cup action at Trinity Hall, saw ETTGS and then had lunch at Cafe Brazil. It was a great day. (Catch it at the Angelika Dallas really soon! I think this is its last week up there!)

But yeah, ETTGS is absolutely hysterical in a natural way... the way that the little quirks people have are funny. It's the "world's first documentary about street art", but I've read articles that speculate whether or not it truly is a documentary as well as doubting Banksy's involvement with the film. All I know is that it's a great movie, and I would totally recommend it to EVERYONE.
Except for the relatively huge chunk of the population that has terrible taste.

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