Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PBR: Look the Parts

Recently I visited this state for the very first time.
It was one of the best day trips I've ever had.
I went to both Memphis and Nashville, and while in Nashville I got to visit a dear friend of mine. She took me all over the city. I walked through Vanderbilt's campus, went to the Gulch, visited Broadway, and ended up in the stomping grounds of some very famous actors & singers. Well, one thing I noticed while in Nashville was all of the advertising for PBR; Milwaukee's Finest. Every year PBR holds an art contest... and the winners get their art put up as advertisements! These were some of this year's selections to be shared with the public.

I remember the first time I had PBR. I was in San Francisco at this total dive bar in the Mission. I don't even remember what streets it was on or what it was called, but it was dark and dingy yet had tons of color and energy streaming through the floorboards. I had been drinking expensively all evening and one of my friends was like, get a Pabst Blue Ribbon! They're $2 a can! And I totally did.

I like this idea. I love collaboration with art! It reminds me a little of The Motorettes' music video of their song, "You Gotta Look the Parts". Now, I really have no idea who The Motorettes are... but I do know a group of young boys... well, I guess they have grown to be young men, by now... and I affectionately call them (as I believe they call themselves) the Baylor Studs. As freshmen in college, these guys got pretty bored and made lots of homemade music videos to popular and/or annoying songs. They made a video to submit to the Motorettes' contest... aaaand they got in. Here's the video. My boys are the ones in the dorm room, and yes, that guitar is made out of a heart-shaped box.

I really like the loner dude in the purple shirt. He has some funny faces.

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