Monday, July 19, 2010

Film: The Killer Inside Me

Friday afternoon I saw The Killer Inside Me with LM and my brother and a theater of people all over the age of seventy. It was everything I expected it to be... I was told to expect to find it "difficult to watch"... and it was. Every scene I was shocked. Reading the book did not prepare me for the on-screen violence, brutality, and sadomasochism. I think it's safe to say that I was the most uncomfortable person in the theater throughout the film... but in the end, I really enjoyed the film. It cleared up several things I didn't understand while reading the novel, and after the film I ran home and read the last twenty pages to make sure I wasn't hallucinating the ending scenes.

First of all, Casey Affleck was amazing. I'm not sure the film would have been as good with someone else cast in his part as Lou Ford. Kate Hudson was surprisingly unattractive as Miss Amy Stanton, and Jessica Alba (as the chippy, Joyce Lakeland) brought what she brings to every film... a pretty face and a lackluster acting performance. My favorite part was the late entrance of Bill Pullman as an obnoxious savior-of-sorts in the form of Lou Ford's lawyer.

The film had this great Jekyll and Hyde quality. Director Michael Winterbottom did a fantastic job of placing light moments directly after extremely dark scenes. Overall, I would recommend it... but I do not recommend taking your sixteen year-old brother to it.

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