Monday, July 19, 2010

More on the Weekend

I had a very full weekend filled with traveling, debauchery, and the consequential hangover that seemed to last all weekend.

I had a very expensive shopping trip with my brother that was at least successful... I found a pair of jeggings I liked, bought several blouses, and managed not to try on ANY dresses.. Success! Then we went to see The Killer Inside Me with LM, and afterward we all went back to the suburbs for me to pack for my little weekend trip. After packing and more shopping LM ended up at Yucatan Taco Stand drinking margaritas and eating huge tacos.

Known for its lounge atmosphere, huge portions, and strong drinks... extremely strong drinks, Yucatan really is not my favorite place to eat... but I made the best of it trying to get the most out of my margarita glass. Well, not even half-way through LM's drink, it slipped out of her hands and spilled all over our table. After cleaning it up with a pile of napkins, we asked our friendly barman if there was any way he could get her a refill. He made it happen and then we split it because LM had to drive!

When we got back to her place, we decided to give our friend, Gracie's brother a call and go out with him and his roommates. After a very speedy clothes-change we headed to Uptown to go out with the guys. We ended up at Uptown Bar & Grill and decided to sit outside after listening to several minutes of bad, drunken karaoke in the stuffy bar. We found a table in the courtyard out back and were able to find enough chairs to seat the six or seven of us. There was a group of principle characters in our party that night, and then there was a chair that kept rotating out with pretty unimportant people. Brett? Blake? Ryan? They were so insignificant to the conversation that I do not recall their names- the shape of their faces and the fact that one of them bought us a pizza topped with avocado around three a.m. is the only thing I took away from their presence. Two beers and a group shot later I was drunk. I have to blame this lightweightedness on Bikram yoga... never in my life have I been so affected by alcohol than this month of Bikram.

After last call we went back to Jonathon & Co's residence... they're up on the sixth floor of a building with great views of Downtown from their balcony... as well as views of the building across the street's huge gargoyle-ish owls. Every time I go over there I talk about how much I hate the owls, and Friday night, little drunk Hayley decided to reference Alan Moore's Watchmen... cute, huh? Around three we ate that really great pizza, and around 3:45 LM & I walked to her car barefoot... and then I fell asleep in the passenger seat on our drive home. Waking up back at her place, I managed to walk myself inside, where we were confronted by a security guard on a golf cart asking- "Have you girls seen a fourteen year-old boy?" Where I drunkenly and sarcastically replied- "Why? Have you lost one?" Oh, I hope I made his night.

Nite Owl

The Watchmen

Oh Saturday. I had the worst hangover. After only six hours of sleep, we packed and got ready for a three hour car ride that turned into a four hour long trip. I was in pain every second... damn my detoxed, Bikram body that can no longer handle alcohol. In Waco, we stopped off at Teriyaki park for lunch where I ate my fried rice like a hospital patient, slowly bringing the spoon to my lips and then returning it to my plate even slower. I barely ate any of my sushi. We decided to give our leftovers to a homeless person, but after looking downtown without finding one, I ended up calling up a friend and taking him an entire roll at the pool.

When we got to Austin, we decided to go on a little climb up by the 360 Bridge where Scout (LM's dog) was the most energetic and dexterous of our group. After we made it to the top we took a minute to soak up our surroundings, and then we headed back to the bottom of the hill to the comfort and safety of level ground and air conditioning. I came close to slipping down to my sad little demise due to the slippery bottoms of my little Parisian sandals... but my lightness of foot and quick reflexes saved me.

We met up with my "Austin roommates" at Barton Creek Mall, where I had to pull one of them out of the movie theater to get me. All I wanted to do at that point was head back to their place, shower, and nap... BUT we couldn't because we had to wait on everyone else to get out of the movie. I realized that just because I was hungover didn't mean that I could ruin everyone's day... although I really wanted to. We walked around the mall for a while. I ate my leftover rice and some ice cream (which did nothing to help my little tummy-ache)... and then we ended up looking at beautiful leather boots, sandals, and shoes at Nordstrom. I ended up trying a bunch on, and I fell in love with these beautiful leather boots... that were extremely expensive. While trying on shoes, watching a woman try on thigh-high boots that she was too old to be wearing, and trying not to fall asleep in my little chair, I decided to buy them. And for the second time in the weekend, spent tons of money in one place. Oh well, I helped the economy.

Finally we were able to go home, where I showered, drank lots of water, and laid in bed for a while without sleeping. I felt somewhat better, but not really rested. One of the girls staying with us ended up passing out after smoking a little too much MJ... so the three of us who were still conscious ended up watching a movie and then going out to eat at Trudy's... now, I love Mexican food... but I tried something new for once and coupled with my hangover and a Mexican Martini... it made me a little nauseated.

After dinner, things got stressful... I had kind of promised to do way too much with too many people and had to decided what I really wanted to do... AND I still felt like crawling up in bed and sleeping. For example:
1. Stephie was in town and I wanted to see her & Renee on sixth
2. Hunter was in town and I really really wanted to see him because I haven't seen him in a while and because I knew it would be really fun to hang out with them. But they decided not to come downtown and stayed on the Lake drinking margs...
3. The whole reason I went to Austin was because I was going to see Delta Spirit at Emo's with LM, her bf & friends... but the girls I was staying with didn't have tickets and it ended up being a sold out show...

So, I ended up going downtown to the show, and it was really fun! For the few minutes I could block out my headache, nausea, and discomfort from the hot night, I really enjoyed the show! Side note, I have never seen so many people wearing plaid shirts and thick-framed glasses... I got there late enough to see Delta Spirit, and when the show was over, I was out of there, headed home, and curled up in bed and watched New York I Love You. I ended up falling asleep after just the second story of the film, but woke up thirty minutes later to see Bren sitting on the floor at the foot of my bed watching the movie... It was a little strange, and she played it off like she had been there all along... but I knew better. Jocie woke up and said... "Bren... you're like, magic" and then like magic, we fell asleep again.

I woke up, got dressed, and ran down to the ATM on the drag to prevent myself from getting a lovely little overdraft fee from Bank of America. Bren and I went for a little walk around campus to find a copy machine, and after about an hour, we headed home, picking up Einstein's Bagels on the way for everyone in the house, including the girl who was still passed out from the previous afternoon. After our late breakfast we ended up packing up and cleaning up. I decided to head back with Bren & her friend who is still not my friend, and as we walked down to her car I immediately regretted my decision. The car we would be taking back home was a little VW BUG. FML. I realized I had to spend three hours in the backseat of that car. All I had was this month's copy of Vanity Fair to keep me sane.

This girl was a horrible driver. I was scared out of my mind. But we made it home in one piece... and quickly too! I passed the time reading and laying in the backseat pretending to be sleeping... playing possum if you will. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst, except for when she would roll down her window to smoke a cigarette or two, sending hot, smoky air to the backseat where I was dreaming of being anywhere but there... except for Saudi Arabia. After reading Maureen Dowd's article in Vanity Fair, I decided, yeah, no thanks, I'll stick it out in the Volkswagen from H-E-double hockey sticks.

These boys have got that DELTA SPIRIT.
God, the boys in the Omega House would be so jealous.

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