Saturday, August 1, 2009


Earlier this summer, a girl I work with shared her favorite restaurant with me. It's called Beretta, and is in the Mission. It's kind of like an Italian tapas bar, and they're famous for making old fashioned, amazing drinks. I decided to try it out, and in the past week, i was finally stopped by for dinner. Twice.

One night I went with Melissa as a sort of "last hurrah" dinner to say goodbye since my internship was almost over. It's her favorite restaurant, so she pretty much knows the menu well. We sat at the bar and were able to watch the bartenders make pretty drinks. Dinner was amazing! Here's a little list of what we ate...

I started with a drink called "Airmail" and which is basically a rum, lime, honey, and prosecco. It was so pretty! It was a little green color with a mint leaf on the top. It was so fun watching the bartender slap the mint leaves! I thought that part was so fun! And the bartender who was closest to us shook the drinks in a really funny way.

We got two different kinds of bruchetta. Bruchette with fava beans and pecorino and then bruchette with crescenza and broccoli, yum! They were both so good! I think I liked the bruchette with crescenza and broccoli the best, though.

Then we had zucchini parmigiana and charred radicchio with saba... Oh My Goodness. The charred radicchio was absolutely fabulous! I don't know if I've ever had my taste buds so tickled! If you ever get the chance to try something like this, make sure you do!

After dinner we got vanilla gelato that was drizzled with olive oil and had sprinkled sea salt on the top like sprinkles. The dessert was amazing. It was just like eating really cold, sweet butter! I really wish I could've had a whole scoop for myself.

The other time I came to Beretta, I brought my sweet friend, Gracie, who was visiting San Francisco with her family. We were seated at the communal table in the middle of the restaurant, which was a little awkward at first, but I think we god used to it by the time the evening was over. We both got Hemingways (which are drinks with white rum, lime, grapefruit, cane syrup, and maraschino), and we both agreed that it tasted kind of like flavored beer... but it was still good, i guess. (Honestly, the Airmail was better).

We also ate the bruchette with fava beans and we got a pizza with spicy Italian sausage, panna, and onions.
I think I would now recommend this restaurant to anyone. Go if you ever get the chance, okay? And try the radicchio!

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