Thursday, August 13, 2009

Defining Roles

Tonight Will and I watched the made-for-TV movie, the 60's. We decided it would be fun to give all our friends from high school a role in the movie. Here's what we came up with...

Kelly: Would have self-exiled herself to Europe when the Vietnam War started.... (oh and there wasn't a character like this in the film... we made a scenario up for her...)
Ashley: Would probably have been Julia Stiles' character "Katie"... who starts out as the poster child for the "good-girl-next-door" type but then falls down the rabbit hole after getting pregnant and moving to San Francisco to find the father of her child... (Ashley doesn't read my blog... so I don't think she'll take offense to this. Also, she has the perfect hair to be a hippie).
Zach: Would be the son who got drafted and sent to Vietnam. When the War is over, he would come home and be a depressed Anti-War veteran with long, stringy hair and disheveled appearance.
Alex: Would have been a solider who went to Vietnam and came back a war hero, but would have probably had huge complaints with the war the whole time (although no one would know. he would have a silent struggle) (and and this is another made up character)
Justin: Would have made the A-Bomb... (not in the film)
Will: Would have been the son who was a political activist and in college. In the movie, he falls in love with this pretty girl and tries pot and goes to the Newport Music Festival because he loves Bob Dylan.
And I would have been the pretty little brunette activist (played by Jordana Brewer) who, although very intelligent, doesn't know how to pick her men and therefore, ends up screwing things up with people who actually are good for her. (She screws over Will's character and is obsessed with Dylan as well)... sounds a little familiar.

Oh and here we are! Me & Will! (I love that white and red tunic, by the way!) Aren't we cute? I wonder if this was before or after I broke his heart?

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