Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sunday night I crossed the border from New Mexico into Texas. I stopped pretty much as soon as we had crossed, in a little town called Anthony. Well, in the bathroom there, I found a little book called "THE BEAST" by Chick Publications... Oh boy, it was a trip.

I knew, just by the cover that it was going to be ridiculous.

the best: "Stop it! My husband is watching us!" "You know he doesn't care!"
suggested sins...
1. murder
2. hatred
3. adultery
4. homosexuality
5. gambling
6. divorce

Oh this one... "Hey! There's an old nut outside-preaching the gospel! Let's go give him the business. HAW! HAW! HAW!"

This page had my favorite pictures on it... the wolf, the creepy-eyed woman, and the bull are so funny.

At the end of the booklet, it urges you to become a believer in Christ or you will be thrown into the lake of fire. I absolutely hate stuff like this. Scaring people into becoming a believer in Christ is not the way to do it. And it's literature like this (as well as the people who distribute it) that puts a bad taste in people's mouths about Christianity.


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