Monday, July 6, 2009

California and Texas Venn Diagram

So I'm always learning more and more about this crazy world we live in, and I thought I would try to put into words some of the things I'm observing in California for all you Texans.

  • The average woman in California weighs about fifteen pounds less than the average Texan. It seems as though fitness is a pretty high priority on everyones' list of things to do. Working isn't an excuse to not have time to work out, and neither is motherhood... it looks like we have some work to do, Texas!
  • California is the only state that has a state income tax... sucks.
  • People aren't very religious here... they're spiritual... but all their stores close early on Sundays or just... don't open. I feel like that's a little contradicting.
  • There are tons of local and independent businesses! It makes shopping way more fun! When was the last time you saw an independent business in Town Square or in your local strip mall?
  • Most cities in Northern California have a weekly farmers' market during the summer. It's like having Main Street Days every week! And there's always fresh fruit at the super market.
  • California has very little natural resources. There's hardly any fresh water, it doesn't rain very much, so water is super expensive...
  • They have a "hands free" driving law... I learned this first hand (I got pulled over for talking on my cell phone... but don't worry, I got a warning)
  • Soccer is a really popular sport
  • Architecture is more appreciated, I think. Neighborhoods aren't built like they are in Texas... no David Weekly track homes... which is a very good thing.
  • I feel like everyone has at least one tattoo.
  • The boys here are so strange... they have a punk/grunge look. I'm not really into that. The only people I've been somewhat attracted to were other out-of-towners, I'm pretty sure.
  • There are a lot of Asian people in Cali.
  • Liquor is cheap. AND you can buy it in the grocery store! One stop shopping!
  • California has the sixth largest economy in the world
  • I feel like people in California have great style. Women and men of all ages dress well, or at least with their own personal style. They aren't slaves to trends or fads, but they have the ability to look really effortlessly cool most of the time.
  • California has tons of Thai food everywhere, and it's yummy.

  • I guess both states have the ocean... but I've got to say that California wins. The pacific ocean is much prettier, and way less humid than the Gulf... sorry Houston.
  • Each state has a huge Hispanic population
  • Both states were, at one time or another, a republic
  • We both have really great state flags... I'm just saying... although, I only have Texas running shorts... I have yet to find California ones.
  • Both states have the ability to inspire me to create and to think
  • Okay... so Creedence Clearwater Revival is originally from the Bay Area in Cali... but I feel like their music has a very Southern feel that we Texans can appreciate better than California natives... ( I may be biased because I love CCR).
  • I love Bob Dylan in both states.
  • Both places have some very distinctive lingo... (People in Cali say "hella"... and of course we say "ya'll" and "fixin to") Personally, I think "hella" is a stupid adjective.
  • There are dorky people everywhere, but I feel like there may not be as many in Texas as there are in California :-)

  • It costs less to live in Texas, and the Dallas housing market is doing so much better than pretty much anywhere in California...
  • I feel like people in Texas have a huge camaraderie with other people who are from Texas. There's like, an unspoken bond, and sometimes people from Texas stand up for other people from Texas, cough, just because they are from Texas.
  • Thank goodness Arnold is not our governor.
  • We have ACL and SXSW, Cali has Coachella. (I don't really know which one I like better)... but I'll go with ACL because I love Austin, and I really don't know anything about Indio, CA.
  • We have better options for furthering our education. There are so many different colleges to choose from in Texas, and you can really find a school that caters to your needs... California kind of has two systems and you kind of fall into one... or you go to community college.
  • Texas helped rebuild Versailles... California didn't! (I love France, and would like to take the opportunity to tell everyone that the France hates Texas stereotype is not entirely true.)
  • We may have a huge beef market going on, but I think we're more humane about it... California has cow concentration camps.
  • Boys in Texas are better. They hold open doors and stuff like that... boys in California don't do things like that because they are afraid to offend the feminists.
  • No other state has Davy Crockett's quote; "You can all go to Hell, I'm going to Texas"
  • Texas is home.

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