Friday, July 10, 2009

Today when I got home from work..

Today after work, Melissa, Kellyn and I went to a wine bar in downtown Petaluma and I tried a flight of exotic white wines. mmm, but when I got to my third wine, there was a little fly in it, so that put an end to drinking that little chardonney. Oh well. I got back to my house around 7:15 and when I got out of my car I saw a german shepherd walking up the sidewalk. His pink tongue was hanging out of his mouth and he was just walking towards me... so I just watched him with a little grin on my face. (He was totally adorable). And as he got to where I was standing, he looked me over and then moved into the street (still watching me). He started to walk away, so I kind of clicked my tongue against the roof of my mouth to get his attention. He didn't really feel like sticking around, and I think he got a little suspicious of me because he started barking and growling at me.
Isn't he a cutie? Well he reminded me off the Modest Mouse song, Wild Pack of Family Dogs.
a wild pack of family dogs came runnin through the yard one day
my father got his gun, shot it up they ran away ok
a wild pack of family dogs came runnin through the yard
and as my own dog ran away with them i didnt say much of anything at all
a wild pack of family dogs came runnin through the yard
as my little sister played the dogs took her away
and i guess she was eaten up ok yeah
my mothers cryin' blood dust now
my daddy quit his job today
i guess he was fired but thats ok
and im sitting outside by my mud lake
waiting for the pack to take me away
right after i die, the dogs start running up towards the glowing sky
they will receive their rewards
check it out.

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