Monday, July 27, 2009


This weekend I went with some friends out to Lake Folsom. I guess it was kind of northeast of Sacramento (which is apparently the capital of California). It was so much fun!

We ate donuts and jamba juice and mexican food (and I had an AMAZING sandwich for lunch). We bought pool toys and braved the rocks and slimy mud to get to water deep enough to not be able to touch the bottom of the lake. We listened to Birthday Sex about twenty times... not by our own choice, however. We did the balance dance, and we screamed when our legs accidentally brushed up against submerged trees in the water. We saw a man give his pool float up for his two chiuhauhas and he swam alongside them. (That's unconditional love, people). We saw a family of ravens eating a dead fish. We went to Safeway about three times. (I didn't know they sold stomachaches there). We bought two bottle openers. We applied sunscreen about ten times. We all got a little sunburned, but only one of us ended the day looking like she was beat up by Chris Brown. We got sticker burrs stuck in our feet, and we did the hot foot dance on the pavement. We went to Folsom Prison and were amazed at how beautiful it was, and then we were intimidated by the prison guard that came out to talk to us. We feigned a birthday and got a sombrero and ice cream.

And we laughed a lot.

I'm going to miss my California friends.