Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1. Nylon Magazine February 2011

I've never met a husky that I didn't like.... I dream of dogs.

I am loving American Apparel's latest crop of ads out right now... The headline typeface, the little blurb about the model, and the absence of lewdness.

Model Emma Karlsson is all over this magazine. I counted her appearances... uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco... cinco (that's five). Five times she appears in this month's issue! And I think she's absolutely adorable. I love her blond hair. (I've always wanted to be a blond!) I love how her roots need to be done... and I love her smoky eyes. Yay Emma.

This is from the "Pretty in Pink" spread photographed by Anouck Bertin. Model Camille Rowe looks a little like Anna Paquin's little sister... and I love the use of white walls to make the pink hues pop. It was very reminiscent of old school American Apparel ads. (But let's be honest, they'll probably be back...)

This photo makes me want to go to MAC right now to buy bright colored lipsticks.


This month's issue of Nylon wasn't very impressive to me. I wasn't interested in much of the content... Although I love Cut/Copy and am definitely interested in the film 'The Woodmans'. I recently decided to end my subscription. I just can't get into it anymore! Maybe I'm just too old.

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