Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Never-Ending Project

Okay, so I know it's been not only one, or two... but about two and a half months since I've touched my dear GYDUN. No, we didn't get into a fight. No, I wasn't in a debilitating accident. And no, I wasn't stuck in Egypt without access to the internet. Truth is, I've been extremely busy and stressed out of my mind. Stress is the biggest hindrance to inspiration. I've just been a little stuck.

To sort of ease myself back into the swing of things... I've decided to take up a project! Hey-O. This is so fifth grade right now. But... I recently moved from New York back to Texas and am currently living with my parents. Nice, huh? I was cleaning out my closet the other day and it was brought to my attention that I have a ridiculous amount of magazines that I have collected throughout the years. It's a problem... a "Fire Hazard" if you will. I probably have at least 200 magazines floating around... maybe more? Who really knows. And who knows why I've been keeping them around for such a long time. What should I do with them?

At first someone suggested to me to just "throw them out". That made my heart hurt just a little bit. I don't think I can just go cold turkey. There's obviously a reason why I've been holding onto them for so long! So I've decided to revisit them... tear out the things that I love in each one, and share them here. Doesn't that sound great?

I'm pretty excited. Let's get started.

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