Wednesday, February 2, 2011

6. Nylon Magazine October 2006

Love this ad for Chuck Taylors. Blue & Red=Boy & Girl in my book.

This issue had a really neat article on American Apparel, a company that has been under the spotlight lately... well let's be honest, always. Did you know that it takes 11 seconds to sew one short sleeved t-shirt? Employees make $14-$16 dollars an hour depending on their lightness of presser foot.

Another goody to wear to my new underwear commune (which is officially going to start at my dear friend, Sam's house... sometime after this bad winter weather subsides). Bra is by Trashy Lingerie.

Beck is the man.

There was the neatest piece on visiting Havana, Cuba. I am now obsessed and need this whole communism/'let's hate Americans' thing to be over and done with so I can visit this enchanting place. Ernest Hemingway would definitely approve.

Take Kirsten Dunst out of this photo and insert a picture of me. I love Jason Schwartzman.

If every issue of Nylon magazine were as amazing as this one, I would never let my subscription expire.

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