Sunday, February 27, 2011

29. Vogue March 2008

Let me first say, I'm sorry for being so long winded with this post. I have extremely fond memories of all of the clothing in the spring 2008 collections- I saw them in Colette, Bon Marche, and Galleries Lafayette while I was studying abroad the summer of 2008. It was the first time I was in the presence of designer clothing. I was able to touch them and feel them and just meet them in person. I also believe that 2008 was kind of the last time that designers were really making clothes that were inspiring and fun and art-like. The economy has been rough on everyone. Designers, retailers, customers. Designers are having to design collections that customers won't buy. Hopefully we'll see a change in this attitude sometime soon. I've missed clothing with personality and life.

This Dolce & Gabbana is so fun. I remember visiting D&G while in Paris and everything was amazing.

This Prada collection was so beautiful with Asian illustrations. Check out those amazing shoes!

I hate to feature two for MK... but these are stunning. I love the small prints.


This St. John frock is beautiful.

This dress by Alberta Ferretti is so timeless and history inspired. I want it.

You remember this Hermes campaign with the elephants wearing makeup? I'm surprised they weren't ranked over the coals like Banksy was.

Oh Tom Ford. You are so naughty.
Karen Elsen & Casey Affleck.

Balenciaga. OMG. Those boots.

Bill Blass. I would wear this dress everywhere.

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