Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2. Nylon Magazine December/January 2007

I love me some organized clutter.

This illustration by James Blagden makes me want to break out my neon running shorts and sweatbands. This was 2007... Nylon was way ahead of the times with the neon trend.

Grab the mic. Go wild. Repeat.

This little piece about French artist Christine Rebet sparked an interest in her other work...

I love anything by Van Cleef and Arpels, but this necklace is a little bit on the cool/funky side. I would love to wear it around my neck!

I love vintage underwear. I would love to put this on and wear it around.
This issue of Nylon featured Michelle Williams (before her break up with Heath Ledger and just a year before his death). It's almost heartbreaking to read the article knowing what sadness would occur in her life in the upcoming year. This issue also featured a wonderful travel piece on Budapest, a country high on my list to visit. Two down, two hundred to go.

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