Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3. Nylon Magazine September 2006

Insider view to clothing designer, Erin Fetherston's Parisian apartment. It's kind of like a super quirky and modern Versailles. I wonder if she would ever be interested in doing a house swap?

Fake eyelashes and furs=two of my favorite things. This model looks just like my favorite salesgirl at LF Soho... her name is Adriana... go in and tell her I sent you... she'll hook you up.

Photo shoot in Berlin. Yes please, I want to go to Germany!

As you can see... Nylon's "Biggest Issue Ever" was not so impressive to me. Gosh, 2006 is a way back in time. This is the month Augusten Burrough's "Running with Scissors" hit the big screen and Ben Kweller came out with an album by the same name (Sundress was one of my favorite songs for the rest of the year). Miss Avril has had a million changes in her life since this magazine was published. She was married to Sum 41's Deryck Whibley for three years. Divorced in 2009. Is now with Brody Jenner. One thing is consistent with her: teenage boys go crazy for Avril. My seventeen year-old brother is still head over heels for her "fuck you" attitude and lyrics.

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